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Come and Join our Community

Do you want to help us take on the criminals who steal and hurt our pets or shut down the fraudsters who set up bogus animal rescue centres and charities? Well this is how you can do it!

More and more people are choosing to join the United Kingdom Pet Detectives UKPD and become part of our ever-growing community of animal lovers who are passionate about tackling and preventing crimes against their pets.

As a member of the UKPD community you will receive regular updates on important issues that impact upon your pets security and be given access to features and articles that will help to keep you pets safe. Most importantly you can help us defeat the awful people who are exploiting the animals we all love.

It is up to you to decide what level of involvement you have with our community all the options are detailed below. The one thing we ask is that you tell every other pet owner you know about the UKPD because the bigger our community becomes the greater the impact we will have on preventing crimes against our pets.


Please Select Which Level you Would Like to Join

- Associate

You will receive updates and features on how to protect your pets

- Volunteer

Assisting with investigations and circulations of stolen pets

- Sponsor

Help to fund serious investigations into pet crime


Thank you for joining us, together we will make the difference.

Colin Butcher

Senior Investigating Officer