Buddy, a Golden Retriever Puppy was stolen from outside his home in Watford by a passing motorist.

We canvassed Watford for witnesses and after a few days received a tip off that Buddy was hidden in a woman's back garden ten miles away.

We helped to recover him and get him back to his owners.

We also worked hard with the local police force to build a case against the thief. In October 2016 The thief was convicted at Harrow Crown Court and was sent to prison.

Lulu, a Silver British Short-Hair climbed into the back of a delivery van in Wimbledon and jumped out when the driver arrived back at his depot. 

We worked out where Lulu had gone and introduced camera traps and feed stations to encourage her to remain in one spot. We then introduced a den for her and after five days we recovered her from the exact same spot where she had last been see. She had sustained quite a bad injury whilst missing but after receiving the appropriate care made a full recovery.  

Derrick, abandoned his home in Willesden after being forced out of his territory by a older, more dominant tom cat.

Working closely with Derrick's owner we removed the threat from the more dominant cat and then introduced a displacement strategy to encourage Derrick to return home. He was recovered one day later and is now safely back with his owner.

Eddie, a Parsons Russell Terrier was stolen from a livery yard in Ripley, Surrey whilst his owner was mucking out a stable.

We worked out who the thief was and paid him a visit. We told him that unless Eddie was returned we would contact the police and get the thief arrested. A few hours later we received a call from a woman who claimed to have found Eddie under a bush 15 miles from where he was stolen. Eddie is now back home with his owners.

The Pet Detectives are an immensely experienced team of animal investigators with specialised skills in pet recovery who are totally committed to fighting crimes against your pets.

We are professional investigators combining 25 years investigative experience with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how animals behave when they are missing.

We combine this knowledge with an equal understanding of how dishonest people behave when they have stolen a cat or dog which is why we are so successful at recovering stolen pets. (See some of our successes above)

We believe that every pet is precious and has the right to a live in safe and healthy environment, free from theft and exploitation. When we take on your investigation you have the confidence of knowing that you are working with the most successful Pet Detective Agency in the UK.

The sooner you contact us the more likely you are to be reunited with your missing pet. Call us now on 01403 753463 and we will explain how we can help recover your pet.