Would you like to sponsor an investigation?

We receive dozens of calls every month from people who have been a victims of pet theft or other animal related crimes, sometimes people just call to give us information about a fake charity, a bogus rescue centre or an illegal dog breeder.

Unfortunately, many of these callers do not have the means to fund an investigation and whilst we do everything we possibly can to help and advise them it is just not possible for us to take on every investigation because we simply do not have the resources and funds to do so. 

This is Where you Could Help.

There are occasions when we know that a professional investigation will definitely make a difference, either in shutting down an illegal operation, recovering a stolen pet or bringing a crook to justice. When this happens we notify our sponsors and explain what is happening, what needs to be done to tackle the problem and how their contribution will make the difference. 

There are no hidden costs and you will be provided with a detailed breakdown on how your contribution is used to fight crimes against animals. All donations are used to help animals giving the sponsor the satisfaction that they are helping us to defeat these awful people.

Over the last few years our sponsors have helped us to:

Shut down a puppy farm

Force a corrupt dog warden to resign

Prosecute dog thieves

Close a bogus dog rescue centre

Lobby an MP to force changes on how a local authority accounted for stray dogs

However, there is still so much more that needs to be done and with the police and local authorities constantly cutting their services we are receiving even more calls for help.

If you would like to sponsor an investigation and help us fight criminals who exploit animals then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to explain exactly how this works? You can reach us by phone on 01403 753463 or email [email protected]


Thank you for your support

Colin Butcher

Senior Investigating Officer