Disputes Over Ownership

We are Experts at Resolving Disputes Over Pet Ownership

Discovering that another person has taken possession of your cat or dog but not being able to recover them is an extremely stressful and upsetting experience.

It could be that someone has found you pet and is claiming ownership or maybe they have been caring for your pet and now refuse to return them to you. Regardless of the reason for the dispute one thing for sure is you need an expert on your side to help you through this awful experience, someone who is totally committed to reuniting you with your stolen pet. 


This is where we can help. We possess an excellent understanding of the law in relation to pet ownership and have successfully resolved more disputes than any other organisation in the UK.


If necessary we can deploy our full covert surveillance services to locate where your pet is being kept and then implement a recovery plan, often without the other person realising what we have done. 

If someone has taken possession of your cat or dog then you must act quickly because the longer you leave it, the weaker your claim of ownership becomes and the harder it is for us to recover your pet for you.

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