Suspicious Death at Boarding Kennels

Kennel Owner Lied about the Death of a Dog in his Care

This beautiful Dalmatian called Jaxx was placed in a boarding kennel whilst his owners took a short holiday abroad. Upon their return the kennel owner told the couple that Jaxx had run off in a storm. 

In the weeks following the incident the kennel owner provided details of numerous sightings of Jaxx running loose across the local countryside but despite hundreds of hours searching for their missing pet his owners failed to find him. So they came to us for help.

- it didn't take us long to get to the truth

Within a few days we established that the kennel owner had lied and that Jaxx had been killed in a traffic accident right outside the kennels. We located the driver of the car that had been involved in the accident and he described how he had helped carry Jaxx to a car belonging to the Kennels and that Jaxx had died whilst being moved. He also told us the man from the kennels claimed that Jaxx was his dog and urged the driver not to report the accident as it would upset his children.

We built a case against the kennel owner and handed our evidence over to the police and local authority and subsequently discovered that the kennel had long history of complaints registered against it. Sadly the kennel owner refused to disclose where he had buried Jaxx but his owners were able to achieve closure on the awful and tragic experience and move on with their lives.