Proven Search Strategy leads to the Recovery of Missing Cats

The Best Chance of Recovering your Missing Cat is to Work With a Professional who Knows Exactly what they are Doing

Our experience has taught us that every missing cat investigation requires a specific search strategy. This is particularly important when a cat is trapped in a building on injured when you are working against the clock and cannot afford to waste valuable time by searching in the wrong places.

Before commencing our search for a missing cat we need to know the breed of cat we are looking, the missing cat's age, gender and whether she been neutered or not. We also need to know the missing cat's daily routine, when the cat is active and what type of personality the cat has.

There are quite a few reasons why a cat goes missing from its home they include but are not limited to:

  • Theft or Seduction
  • Injury or Illness
  • Disorientation
  • Trapped
  • Cat conflict
  • Cat Migration
  • Accidental Transportation

Once our investigator is armed with all the right information they will then establish the most likely reason why your cat is missing and implement the best strategy for recovering them. This includes the use of food traps, field cameras and cat traps.

The image above is of Kato who we recovered from a tree house where he had been trapped for eight days. He was weak and dehydrated when we got him home but eventually made a full recovery.

With each passing week we further expand our knowledge on cat behavior specifically why they go missing and how best to locate and recover them. If your cat is missing then please call us on 01403 753463 we are always willing to help.