Springer Spaniel Stolen During a Burglary at his Owner's Home

The Pet Detectives are an Amazing Team of Animal Lovers and Really Care about what they do. 

My beautiful Springer Spaniel 'Biscuit' was stolen from my home whilst I was at work.

It was 18 months before I saw him again. The Pet Detectives took on the case many months after Biscuit was stolen and gave me so much support through a very difficult time and even after 'Biscuit' was recovered, kept going to bring the thieves to justice.

They worked hard to persuade the police to take action and the suspect was eventually arrested for the theft of Biscuit and his illegal breeding site was closed down.

Thank you so much.

Magda - Owner of an Energetic and Very Loyal Springer Spaniel named 'Biscuit'